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House Removals

Everyone knows how stressful moving to a new home is. At Leadx Removals, we work hard to eliminate the stress associated with relocating your house contents to a new house in another city or a few kilometres down the street. We cater for both house removals in Accrington and commercial removals as well. We have been in operation for the last one decade and we deliver honest, professional, and dependable house removal services to all residents of Accrington. Leadx Removals has become the leading house removal service provider in Accrington and is recognised as the only company offering unbeatable services at pocket-friendly prices.

Our teams of expert house removers always complete each house removal project using our own fleet of excellent vans. These vans are well maintained, cleaned, and serviced regularly. They also come with special equipment to make it easier for us to transport any nature of household items. For instance, vehicles come with removal blankets, sofa and mattress covers, polythene dust covers, flat screen TV protective carriers, and other types of protective equipment required to transport household items safely. We take these precautions to completely protect your belongings throughout the transportation process. That means nothing gets dirty, damaged or even scratched.

Besides, Leadx Removals' vehicles equipped with excellent straps that can safely secure your belongings. Note that if the boxes aren’t properly secured, falling off can result in damage of whatever is packed inside the box. At Leadx Removals, we focus on transporting every item including your kitchen glass stirring rods without causing any form of damage.

Each of our vans is operated by a professional and experienced driver. These drivers are well-trained and vetted. They can drive smoothly and carefully to ensure that your house contents are delivered to your new home in time and safely. We also send a team of professional house removers to help in assessing the entire scope of the house removal project and give you a precise quote. The team is responsible for packing all your household items and a loading them onto our vans ready for transportation.  During packing, these individuals are careful to ensure that nothing gets damaged. They first sort out and group all household items. Then, they use special boxes and sealing tapes to pack all the items perfectly.

Over the last ten years, we have been offing house removals in Accrington and none of our clients has ever lost his or her items or found them damaged after transportation. Besides, we are fully insured and in case of any damage or injury that may occur during the house removal process, our insurer will take care of all required financial compensations. Thus, you can rest assured that your goods are fully covered during the packing, loading, transportation, and offloading processes. Whenever you need house removals in Accrington, contact us.

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